Weight loss and Hypnotherapy

We offer a unique service.

There are lots of nutritionists and lots of hypnotherapists out there and you could decide to see one or both. But, when you come to us you get the two therapies for the price of one. Plus, you get a completely integrated programme drawing on the best physiological and psychological strategies to help you reach your goal. Let’s face it if diet alone could put us all in the peak of good health, we’d all look like Giselle Blundchen. But for most of us, it’s other factors – stress, self esteem, eating patterns learned in childhood – that get us eating bacon sandwiches, not salads. Equally, if we could simply think our way to good health, that would be pretty easy too. But no amount of positive thinking is going to lessen the hot flashes of menopause, the excess hair of PCOS or improve eczema. There are physiological imbalances, often hormonal, that impact on health and require a change of diet and/or supplementation to put right. The best, most successful and long lasting approach has to be to address the body and mind together with expert nutrition and specialist, targeted hypnotherapy. And the latter really isn’t as terrifying as it sounds. Hypnosis is just another word for deep relaxation and in this busy world, many of us could do with a bit more of that!

Lowri Turner sees every one-to-one client herself

Unlike other well-known therapists, Lowri does not hand you over to a member of her team or charge you extra to see her. She sees every one-to-one client herself.

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