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Most Useful, Best Used Android Apps in 2022

Of the many applications on Android devices, of course, not all of them are related to entertainment and social media. There are the most useful Android applications for your daily activities. Is it for work or also for other needs.

All Android applications have different functions, but still help you with your daily activities. What are the most useful and best Android apps you can install in 2022? Here are some of the options.


free download android apps - You may have heard the name of this application. Well, for those of you who have never used this application, Grammarly can be regarded as the pro version of "Google Translate". Through this service, you can improve how to write in English.

Not only that, the pro version of Grammarly can help you improve various things, including grammar that used to be a mess to be better.

Applications that are very simple and become one of the leading applications that do make all daily activities can be one of the most useful applications.


Well, for those of you who want to improve how to communicate in English, then Duolingo is the right application. This application is the right way for those of you who want to learn foreign languages ​​privately.

Without having to come to a place, Duolinggo is able to help you learn a foreign language well. Not only knowing and learning foreign language words, at the end of the learning session you will also be given practice language questions after finishing studying.


Transferring files from a smartphone to a laptop is sometimes complicated. The classic way that is commonly used is to use a data cable. In fact, when the data cable does not match the smartphone device or computer and laptop, it can be complicated.

Well, this is where AirDroid functions. This application will help you move files without using data. Not only that, there is an AirMirror feature that allows you to display the screen on an Android smartphone on a computer screen.


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