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Sport Performance Infusion

When you're tired, your nutrient requirements increase due to the physical stress of exercise, which elevates the turnover and loss of nutrients. This infusion includes vitamins, proteins, and amino acids to support optimal performance and expedite recovery.

Key Ingredients
Vitamin C

Aids in countering oxidative damage resulting from high-intensity exercise while promoting collagen synthesis and connective tissue repair.

Taurine, Glycine, Lysine

Vital for muscle repair, elevating growth hormone levels, and preserving lean body mass.


Boosts energy metabolism in skeletal muscle, delaying muscle fatigue during exercise.


Protects the immune system from by-products that can harm cells and may help with autoimmune conditions.

Ideal Tretment For
  • Training for a strength or endurance event.

  • Want to reduce muscle soreness and enhance recovery.

  • Aim to improve endurance during training for an event.

  • Want to optimize hydration and strength.

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