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Practice Policies

Thank you for choosing the Cannon Hill Clinic and for your continuous support and trust in us! We would like to bring your attention to some information

Online Bookings

You can now make dental appointments online directly through our user-friendly website. This includes emergency appointments, examinations and hygienist appointments. The website also includes your personal online portal, where you can access your dental records securely. The portal also allows you to update your personal details, such as your home address and contact information.

Medical History Forms

We would like to politely remind you that regulations require us to have updated medical history forms for all patients. Your medical history must be updated every six months, which you can now do securely using the online portal. If it has been more than six months since you updated your medical history, we will prompt you to do so before your next appointment. If you encounter any issues using the online portal, our receptionist team is happy to help. Kindly arrive a few minutes ahead of your appointment time to allow for this.

Payment in Advance Policy

Payment for routine and emergency appointments may be taken in advance at the time of booking. We may also  request a deposit if you require further treatment after your appointment. This will stay on your account and deduct from your total bill. It is NOT an additional payment.

Cancellation Policy

We would like to politely remind you of our 48-hours cancellation policy. Cancelling your appointment with a minimum of 48 hours notice will not result in a fee. However, if you fail to attend or do not notify us with the required notice, you may be charged a fee dependent on the length of your appointment. You will automatically receive an appointment reminder via text or email 48 hours before your appointment. You can confirm that you can attend via the link in the message. If we do not receive a response, a member of our reception team will call to confirm your appointment.

Arriving late for Appointments

We understand that, occasionally, lateness is unavoidable and out of your control. If you are going to be late for your appointment, kindly inform the reception team via a call and let them know when you expect to arrive. They will confirm if we can still accommodate your appointment or if we will need to reschedule. If the appointment is missed entirely, this may incur a charge.


Please be aware that whilst we are more than happy to accommodate your parking where possible,  the spaces within the practice are primarily reserved for the clinicians. Therefore, we cannot guarantee you will have a space when you arrive for your appointment. When parking within the practice’s driveway, please be mindful of other cars, taking care not to block anyone in. Please do not block the building’s entrance, and ensure you allow sufficient space for wheelchair and buggy access. Free parking is available along the main road if you arrive and find no spaces outside the practice.


Please note that the standard recall time is six months. This means that you will automatically be added by the system for a dental check-up or hygienist appointment on recall unless otherwise arranged by the patient or dentist. The recall will send an email or text reminder inviting the patient to book the next appointment online, on the phone, or in person. If the suggested recall appointment is not booked, you may receive a phone call from our reception team to remind you. This is to ensure you continue to receive the best dental care.

Complaint Policy

As always, we encourage you to let us know if you have any questions or worries. Feel free to speak confidentially with a member of our friendly and approachable team to inform them of your concerns.
Please call us if you have any questions. If we are not available to answer your call, please leave a message with your inquiry. We listen to all messages and will reply as soon as possible.
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