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Selenium Shot

Selenium, an essential and potent mineral, plays a pivotal role in a range of vital bodily processes. Since the body is unable to produce Selenium independently, supplementing it becomes especially important for individuals striving to attain optimal health. Our Selenium IV therapy offers intravenous delivery of this mineral, providing a multitude of benefits. Selenium actively regulates critical metabolic functions and combats oxidative damage initiated by free radicals, thus reducing susceptibility to illnesses. Moreover, this infusion shields the body and skin against oxidative stress, potentially delaying the onset of premature aging and lowering the risk of age-related conditions. Selenium also demonstrates the capacity to protect healthy cells from DNA damage and may help reduce specific inflammation markers within the body, underscoring its comprehensive role in enhancing overall well-being

  • Regulation of Critical Metabolic Functions

  • Reduction of Oxidative Damage from Free Radicals

  • Lowered Susceptibility to Illnesses

  • Protection Against Oxidative Stress for Skin and Body

  • Potential Delay of Premature Aging

  • Diminished Risk of Age-Related Conditions

  • Protection of Healthy Cells from DNA Damage

  • Possible Reduction in Specific Inflammation Markers in the Body

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